Vinyl Sticker Pack | #VP0001 - GIRL GANG EMPOWERMENT PACK

Vinyl Sticker Pack | #VP0001 - GIRL GANG EMPOWERMENT PACK

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Welcome to our first VINYL PACK! What better way to launch a new type of vinyl offering than one that is full of women empowerment! These designs are currently only available in this pack.

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These beautiful designs were contributions from just a few of my designer friends, exclusive to The Cooke Co. 

Designers are:
  • Alisha Storer of
  • Mischa Roy of
  • Kayley Mitchell of
  • Breana Chaplin of
  • Jennifer Lewallen Malcom of

Our vinyl stickers are waterproof, UV proof, scratch resistant, and super durable! Printed on durable SUPER high quality vinyl with a clear, glossy laminate to seal the print.

During testing, we found that print quality wasn't altered with dishwasher use, however we always recommend hand washing any drinkware that you use vinyl stickers on. The extreme heat from a dishwasher can shorten the life of your stickers. 

**This product photo is a DIGITAL MOCKUPS, final cut lines and print colors may vary slightly from your screen to the actual print. Every effort has been made to accurately represent what you'll be receiving!**