Very Important Sis/Sir (VIS) Membership

Very Important Sis/Sir (VIS) Membership

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Choose between a 6mo and a 1yr membership!

What is VIS? Think of it like a Cooke Co Discount Membership you'll get access to 20% off for the duration of your membership so you never have to wait for a sale! Once purchased, you'll get an email with a download link for a PDF. That PDF will have a link to our private FB VIS group - where we post the discount codes each month.

Why would you *buy* a membership for a discount? Well, here's the breakdown. 

If you purchase more than $445 worth of products in six months or $745 in one year - the membership pays for itself.

Those who typically purchase the membership purchase much, much more than those thresholds so they're saving a ton of money on products during their membership.