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Vinyl Sticker | #VMB001 - MYSTERY BULK VINYL

Vinyl Sticker | #VMB001 - MYSTERY BULK VINYL

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Our vinyl stickers are waterproof, UV proof, scratch resistant, and super durable! Printed on durable SUPER high quality vinyl with a clear, glossy laminate to seal the print.

100 Packs will come with 5 different designs - 20 stickers each design
250, 500, & 1000 packs are built on packs of 50 stickers per design. So, 250 count will get 5 designs - 50 stickers each design. 500 count will get 10 designs - 50 stickers each design. 1000 count will have a varying amount of designs, at least 10, possibly more - duplicates are possible.

This listing is for MYSTERY bundles of bulk vinyls! We will do our best to keep these as general as possible, mostly just some encouraging, uplifting, fun, even trendy designs. Great for those who just can't decide on what to order! Because of the nature of the mystery pack, we can not accommodate requests. 

While during testing, we found that print quality wasn't altered with dishwasher use, we always recommend hand washing any drinkware that you use vinyl stickers on. The extreme heat from a dishwasher can shorten the life of your stickers. 


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