It's time for the biggest sale of the year! This year we wanted to give you the BEST opportunity to succeed this holiday season. With that mission in mind, we want to offer our stickers at the lowest price we can go and to make sure you have all of them before your Black Friday and the majority of your holiday sales!

So, here are the details! 

  • TURN AROUND TIME FOR THIS SALE WILL BE EXTENDED TO *APPROXIMATELY* 14-21 BUSINESS DAYS. Emphasis on approximate. We don't anticipate needing the extra time, but just in case. We will be processing orders immediately but we just want to be prepared in case ya'll go cray (which we anticipate haha!). TAT will stay at this extended time until our sale orders have all been processed as to not get behind in regular orders that come in after the sale. We'll reduce back to our regular TAT as soon as we possibly can!


  • WHEN: Thursday 10/22 @ 12:00am MST 
    • Note that says 12:00AM, ie: midnight
    • That's 11pm Wednesday for PST, 1am Thursday for CST, and 2am Thursday EST
    • VIS will get a 2 hour early access window
  • WHAT: Deep Discounts, site wide
    • 35% off for the first HOUR of the sale 
    • 30% off after that through 11:59pm Saturday 10/24
    • Discounts will be automatic at check out, no codes can be used with this sale, and the discount is not retroactive
    • Subscription boxes are the only exclusion for the sale, if you have a sub box in your cart, the discount won't work
    • VIS & the 1st 100 orders will get a FREE mystery vinyl pack!
      • We will not announce what the order numbers are for the first 100, the fun in this is that you'll be surprised when you get your order!
    • Orders $250 and up (AFTER the discount and BEFORE shipping - so your SUBTOTAL must be $250+, no exceptions!) will get a free, exclusive set of foiled stickers!
    • We may also have other surprises up our sleeve through the weekend, too!
  • WHERE: