Hey ya'll! We're The Cookes.

The Cooke Company was born out of a host of dreams that merged together in 2018, officially. We are Denver natives that moved to Bozeman, MT on what we thought would be a one-year work assignment for my husband. But we fell so head over heals in love with Bozeman that we knew God was calling us to stay put for the time being!

Greg & Natosha met at 17 & 16, respectively. High school sweet hearts who never even officially dated anyone else - cue the "awwwww!"'s. Three boys + two pups, two businesses, and a busy electrical career for Dad on top of being heavily connected and involved in our church and leading/creating ministry. We have an insanely busy life but we do it all for the Glory of God. 

Natosha has been a professional makeup artist since 2007, but she's done a thousand different things. One of her greatest joys and missions is to help women feel good. Be it through beauty/makeup application or finding an outfit or accessory that makes women feel amazing. 

When we rebranded to The Cooke Co, we imagined that there would eventually be many facets to our brand. We're a small, family owned business and as you see here and even in our logo, we're a family of five and your support directly helps contribute to our family. We are so grateful for you. 

Thank you for being a part of our family. If there is any thing we can do for you, please don't hesitate to contact us!