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other important fine print:
  • Download our app from the App Store or Google Play as we'll be adding a surprise gift with purchase (no minimums!) for the first 20 app orders!
  • The $1 state sticker sheets are VERY limited, some only have 2 sheets available, some have 12. If they oversell, you will be refunded at the time of packaging.
  • pre-filling your cart works MOST of the time, but be prepared for cart dumps. This isn't something I can control, it's just a server problem. Keep a list just in case.
  • the 30% discount will only apply when your cart is filled with $50 of NON Black Friday Collection items.
  • Shipping is free at $30 but you'll also get freebies at the $100 and $250 purchase marks! If you meet all three tiers, you get all three freebies. These minimums are AFTER the discount is applied so double check your totals at checkout.
  • If you make multiple orders, we will combine your orders to make sure you hit the tiers. If you do NOT want your orders combined because you need RTS items to ship quicker, please be SURE to leave us a note at checkout.
  • TAT has been extended to 10-14 days for the sale. We will work as quickly as possible as always!
  • It is my recommendation that you DO NOT remove Route from your cart - with shipping delays and higher instances of stolen packages during the holidays, you want to be sure your package is protected!
  • Sale is tentatively scheduled through Monday but we WILL turn it off once we hit an order threshold. We don't want to overwork or overwhelm our team.
  • All Christmas items have been taken off the site. With extended TAT and delayed shipping, we don't want to sell you something that you won't get in time to use.
  • If you're ordering CUSTOMS of any kind, PLEASE be sure you have hello@thecookeco.com as a contact so our proofing emails don't go to spam. They still might, but this will help! We CAN NOT move your custom order to production without your approval.
  • All orders are final - they can not be changed or edited once you check out. If you need to change something we will have to cancel your whole order and then you can reorder.
  • Please allow extra time for email response during the next two weeks as we will be focused on production.
Whew. I think that's it!
As always, we greatly appreciate your orders and shares in all seasons but especially now!